Increase worker safety across industries.

CompScience provides safety analytics for manufacturing, construction, logistics, warehousing and more.

Available as a software or insurance solution, we detect risks and recommend workplace changes to keep workers safe and productive.

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  • Identify patterns in daily workflow activities posing ergonomic risks to employees to prevent injuries.
  • Improving efficiencies and productivity by ensuring employees are able to fulfill their duties safely by bringing in new equipment to ease workflow.
  • Maintaining effective communication within safety committees to enhance employee training.


  • Identifying exclusion zones for forklifts and powered industrial trucks to mitigate near misses with employees.
  • Maintain product integrity by monitoring cargo falling and risky forklift operation such as precarious loads.
  • Confirm line of sight risk mitigation by comparing metrics to new process improvements with reporting application and benchmarks


  • Ensure compliance with vendors on delivery protocols to reduce product damage and delivery risk transferring cargo.
  • Capture risky behavior and trends to prevent accidents by adjusting work patterns, equipment, and training.
  • Improved awareness of risks within facilities shared within reports including quantitative metrics, benchmarks, and video examples.


  • Identify unsafe lifting practices throughout the site to reduce the likelihood of stain/spain injuries.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA standards around fire safety.
  • Ensure safe operation of powered equipment using vehicle tracking and analyzing.

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