Workers’ Comp + AI = Reduced Claims

CompScience is an MGA with WC policies bundled with safety analytics. We also offer our enterprise software as a service.

Our safety program prevents injuries by analyzing existing security video with AI.
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CompScience is a proven game changer for workplace safety with AI.

Working with CompScience, we achieved a 23% improvement in our injury rate and expect to save over $300k on our next policy.

Chris Ashford, General Manager
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CompScience gives me peace of mind that we are doing the best for our employees by focusing on the risks that matter.

Dave Hanson, Director of Operations and Safety

The CompScience program really works by itself. We were able to take the quantified risk data, choose from the proposed solutions, and reduce our risk exposure very quickly.

Michelle McCurry, VP of Risk Management

Doing the video review and taking a step back forces you to actually pause and process everything that is really going on.

Haley Perez, Safety Manager

CompScience’s system gave us actionable insight to help promote a culture of safety and gave us real talking points for our safety huddles, with direct examples of what items to focus on.

Scott Gerlinger, Corporate Director

What We Do


Analyze footage from your existing video cameras.


Share insights and tools to keep your people safe.


Offer a competitive workers' comp insurance quote.

Privacy and Security by Design

Our workers' comp software was designed from the ground up with privacy and security in mind. Our safety analytics systems do not identify individuals or retain personal information of any kind. That’s why some of the world’s largest manufacturers trust us to keep their people safe.

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